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There is a time and place for everything in the early learning experience and there is a temptation to try to do too much, too soon. We know through experience the wisdom of staging learning in the right sequences. We prepare children for kindergarten the right way – through interest-based programs that support and excite their emerging learning skills. We lay the cornerstones of reading and writing by introducing them to books, music, art and story-telling experiences. Most importantly, we do it at a pace that makes it fun for everyone.

We work very hard to make sure that our preschool teachers are well versed in the national standards for pre-k education. How we apply them to our curriculum is what makes us different. In the course of following the children's emerging interests our teachers weave exposure and opportunities that are grounded in the standards throughout the children's experiences. We understand the expectations of district school educators however, our mission is not defined by meeting standards. We strive to be the standard by which excellence in early care and education is measured.


Preschool Options

Full Day Preschool - Children ages 3, 4 and 5 experience a living, emergent curriculum utilizing NYS Common Core Standards moving children towards a readiness for Kindergarten. This a great choice for the full time working parent because all preschool education is included in the full day of child care.

Part-Time Preschool 3's Program - This program uses emergent curriculum Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This is the first formal introduction to school and focuses on socialization with peers and self help skills while still incorporating an introduction to the NYS Common Core Standards.

Part-Time Preschool 4's Program - This program is the next step after completion of the Part-Time Preschool 3's Program. While we still use emergent curriculum, Common Core Standards and Kindergarten readiness are much more of a focus in this Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning class.

Part-Time Preschool 4's Enhanced - This is a great alternative to the Universal Pre-K Program. If your child did not get chosen for the lottery, we offer a program that still meets all of the curriculum criteria of the UPK program without compromising our emergent curriculum philosophy in a 5 day/week, 2.5 hour program.
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